This soft flared pants are comfy, stylish, and look great on everyone!

Work-ready, stylish, and comfortable? These comfortable flared pants make outstanding options for casual wear and loungewear, offering a perfectly fit that feels luxurious all day. If you're looking for the most comfortable pants, this soft flared pant is the perfect option. Perfect for a day at the office and a night out with friends, these flared pants are both comfortable and versatile. If there were ever a time to wear your softest, most comfortable clothing, this is it. They're made of soft fabrics so you'll feel as comfortable wearing them as if you were in sweats.

When you have no plans to set foot outside your door — you’re readying yourself for everything, whether it’s a video conference call or a visitor who drops by unexpectedly. Women's flared pants, often referred to as bell-bottoms, are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. There’s nothing better than a pair of flare pants to accentuate your curves or give your legs that long and lean appearance. Soft Pants are the new trend and they are perfect for every season!  Lightweight and comfortable, Just what you need! The material is made from a polyester-spandex blend that's soft, stretchy, and breathable. Looking for soft flared pants to wear this season? Take a look at our fabulous collection of flared pants!

Flared Tie Dye Pants

These tie dye trousers are the perfect staple piece for your wardrobe this summer. Featuring a high waist style, flare leg and tie dye print.

Floral Flared Pants

Channel your 70s wild child with these groovy Floral Flared Pants. This floral flared pants are available in different colors!

Flared Pants – Animal Prints

Animal print is a trend that never fully dies; it only rises and drops in popularity every season. Discover our new Animal Print flared pants in various colors and sizes.

Basic Soft Flared Pants

We guarantee this flared pants  will be part of your new season basic wardrobe. This soft pants are comfy, stylish, and look great on everyone. 

These comfortable pants are so easy to wear you'll want them in every color. This pants our Comfy enough for lounging at the weekend, but also stylish enough for a lunch out with friends. If you're looking for the most comfortable pants, this soft flared pant is what you need!